Here at Redhouse Holsteins, the Irwin family farm 170 pedigree Holsteins, just outside Benburb, Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland

We believe in giving the cow the best environment possible to enable her to express her true genetic potential. With average yields consistently at the top of the UK, producing over 1000 kg combined fat and protein per cow year after year, and with 47 excellent cows in the herd today, the genetics are shining bright.

At Redhouse, we have one of the highest indexing herds in the UK, with many calves testing at the top of Europe and also ranking highly in North America and beyond, but we also believe in longevity, we like to see cows live long, productive lives.

52 cows have surpassed the 100 ton milestone at Redhouse to date

We firmly believe, if we look after the cows, they will look after us.

Check our list of cows that have produced over a 100 tons of milk

Officially the highest combined fat & protein production herd in the UK 2021