Heifers and Cows are served using AI when in heat between 1st December and 1st May. After this point any cows not in calf will be fattened and culled, unless they are worthwhile running around to the start of the following years breeding season.

Breeding Policy on farm is to select bulls for good health traits, while not sacrificing milk and solids. Bulls must have good type, good udders, strong bodies and positive chest width, good locomotion, be easy calving, on the right side of the line for milking speed, must be negative for cell count and positive for fertility with the aim to provide a functional cow that can look after herself and produce lots of milk.

We try to used sexed semen when available on the maiden heifers and tend to use genomic bulls on the maiden heifers.

When using genomic bulls we tend only to buy 10-15 straws and buy a few different bulls to spread out the risk.