About Us

The farm is located in the townland of Derrycreevy, near Benburb, Co Tyrone, in Northern Ireland and is managed by Alan and David Irwin. The family members are William, Ida, Alan, Sylvia, David and Jayne.

The land comprises of approximately 240 acres of grassland and cereals, a lot of the land is too steep or too wet for cutting silage or growing cereals. Most of our land is heavy soil over red clay.

Approximately 120 acres of silage is made in each of 3 cuts to supply the stock with forage all year round.

Approximately 50 acres of spring barley is grown each year to supply whole grain cereals and straw for feeding to stock.

The farm was initially a mixed dairy, beef and arable farm. The cows were lost to brucellosis in 1974. The present herd started in 1979 with bought in heifer calves in 1977. No stock has been purchased since 1979. The dairy herd was increased and beef gradually phased out, until the present day herd of 180 cows + replacements.

The cows are milked 3 times a day and the milk is sold to Fane Valley Co-op

On farm all the work is carried out by the Irwin family and 2 full time employees. The work undertaken on farm includes, all silage making, slurry spreading, cereal making and everything inbetween without any contractors being brought in.