1 Vacancy

Job Description

Hours: Wed & Friday: 8.30AM-5PM, half hour lunch, 1PM-1.30PM.

Monday & Thursday: 5.30AM-5PM, 15 minutes for breakfast after milking, half hour lunch, 1PM-

1.30PM. You will be doing the morning milking on these mornings (milking should be started by 5.30AM)

Tuesday off

Every other weekend (or 1 day every weekend, depending if other employee is happy to swap):
morning and afternoon milking 5.30AM & 1.30PM, all feeding cows, calves etc, all bedding and
scraping of all livestock, cows and calves, any other routine work that needs done.

Overtime as needed, not much through winter, silage time and barley in summer, after that as needed, e.g. cows calving etc.compulsory at harvest or if work isn’t finished. Optional at other times if overtime is wanted.

Occasionally night time milkings if needed to cover sick etc., paid extra. Start time 9.30PM

Includes all types of farm work. Machinery and stock work

Must be competent and experienced working livestock and using and servicing machinery.

Start times and milking times are strict.

For more information on the farm see



Please email me prior experience and CV if interested at davidirwin1988@gmail.com and I will then contact you